About Us

For hundreds of years eucalyptus oil has been used by the people of Australia to relieve pain, encourage better and more relaxed breathing, and for the relief of insect bites,  minor burns and skin irritations. 

For over ten years you have enjoyed  and trusted JF23 to provide the finest Eucalyptus oil available  on the market today. Our oils are imported from the finest suppliers in the  world. We require samples before we even accept one barrel of oil. We then  inspect for clarity, cineol consistency, and fragrance. 

It is only after  they pass our thorough inspection that we authorize the product to be shipped to  our facility. Once there, it goes through a seven day decontamination process  which ennsures the purity of the oil. This means that there are no bacteria or  other contaminates present. We then blend and bottle within a controlled  environment ensuring purity and consistency always.

Our product does not  contain cheap fillers like canola oil that can go rancid quickly or rubbing  alcohol that causes the product to sting or burn.                                        

For your protection and  satisfaction, you owe it to yourself to purchase a product that comes from an  FDA inspected processing facility that ensures complete satisfaction 100% of the time.

Information provided is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to take the place of, and treatment by, a qualified medical practitioner.