April 10, 2001:
I would just like to let you know what your product JF23 has done for me. I have had asthma all of my life and normally people with asthma at some point in time develop Eczema. My problem occurred in December and got only worse as the months went by. After seeing several doctors, (including allergy doctors as well) I was told there was nothing else they could do for me. By then, it had spread all over my chest and stomach and started to spread to my face. So, I continued to buy every product on the market that might help me.

About 2 weeks ago, I was visiting a girlfriend in Nashville. We decided to go to the mall. As soon as I walked in, I noticed a gentleman selling your product and noticed it treated many different ailments and one of them happened to be eczema. I showed the gentleman my problem areas. He gave me some cotton and put some of your JF23 on the cotton. I placed it on one spot and we walked around the mall for about an hour. Before leaving the mall I checked the area and the spot was gone and so was the itching. Two weeks later I am almost 100% cured. Thank you so much! I can now wear spring clothes again.
Sincerely, Mary S.

March 29, 2001:
Hello there...
Recently, my mother and I were visiting with a friend and she told us about your JF23..due to osteoporosis and severe arthritis, my mother suffers from chronic back pain. My friend put some of the oil on her back and it made such a difference. It sure helped my mom and I would like to get it for her as quick as I can. Thank you so much for your help.
Terri Cook

March 29, 2001:
Please send me all information on your JF23. I have purchased a bottle and it is a wonder...I need information for a friend that wants to buy some. I need prices etc...
Thank You,
Patti Persell

March 1, 2001:
What a blessing JF23 Oil  been for me! I am a very busy message therapist, now 90 years young. For the first time, I had a soft corn between my little toes with excruciating pain. After using the JF23 for 3 days, all soreness and pain was gone. I kept using it, not wanting to ever have that kind of pain again, and lo and behold, the corn is now gone! Praise God for JF23. I have shared 10 bottles with my clients, please send another 10 bottles.
Louise S. Jones

November 16, 2000
I purchased a bottle of the JF23 November 15, 2000. While I was in Opry Mills I ran upon the booth. The girl told me what all this could help and I had a BIG, BIG challenge for her. My husband had back surgery about 7 years ago and he has been in sever pain everyday since. He takes two muscle relaxers and two pain pills everyday. The girl put the oil on him and in about 2 minutes he felt a big difference and then said "well it's hurting a little higher also" so she put it on him in that spot. It really helped him and put a smile on my face.
Thank You
Teresa Barnes

February 22, 2000
I am writing to inquire where I might purchase your JF23. I have used the oil to successfully calm symptoms of arthritis. I purchased my first bottle at a mall in Durham, but can no longer locate the people who sold it there. If you are still making and selling this wonderful product, I will be more than happy to order it (any size container). If you accept personal checks, money orders, COD's, or credit cards, please let me know.
Yours Truly,
Harrison Lyon

November 21, 1998
I just had the pleasure of using your product JF23. I like it very much and I wanted to know if you could please send me information about your JF23. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Truly,
Sarah Lee Dew

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